New clients

New clients receive extensive training during the implementation process, with all training sessions incorporated into a comprehensive implementation schedule. Typically, training sessions include:

  • 10 Day – Housing Operations Training course – Designed for staff working day to day with RMS and Mercury.
  • 1 Day System Architecture Training course - Designed to cover technical aspects such as RMS user permissions and set-up table updates.
  • Conference and Judicial Affairs modules training courses, as required.

Schedules and training requirements for all training courses are included in the welcome pack that new clients receive.

Existing clients

Click here for a schedule of upcoming Training Courses in Raleigh

RMS offers a wide variety of training courses and sessions designed to help train new staff, increase the knowledge of the software for existing staff, or to simply serve as a refresher.

Please click on the course listings below for a description and schedule:

Tailored training

We can also design training courses or consultation visits developed for your own needs. Some common consultation topics include reviewing the self-assignment process and building related templates, reviewing the overall application business process, and help outlining the necessary template flow for your business process.

To plan a customized training session at your institution, email

Training course feedback

RMS is constantly reviewing the suitability of our training programs and would welcome comments and suggestions for additional courses and improvements.

Follow this link to complete an RMS & Mercury Training Evaluation Form.

To get in touch with our training team contact