RMS Consulting Services examine your business practices to identify and resolve inefficiencies, develop new processes, and improve your use of the RMS and Mercury applications. We understand that resources are scarce, so our work focuses on making the best use of what you already have. Our success is measured by our ability to provide and help implement specific and realistic action items that improve stakeholder satisfaction, saving you time and money.

A consulting visit can take several forms:

  • An in-depth review of a specific process, defining the desired outcomes for this process, and development of an improved process. Typical visits are 2-5 days and focus on topics including, but not limited to, transitioning to a self-assign process and review of current allocation practices. Deliverables may include outlines, templates, and reports related to the process.
  • Refresher training focused on assessing current use of RMS and Mercury, with training on functionality currently not in use. Typical visits are 3-5 days and focus on topics requested by the client, with room for RMS staff to identify additional areas requiring coverage. Deliverables may include training sessions, process outlines and templates, and reports.
  • A broad review of most or all of your business practices. Typical visits are 10 days, spread out over two visits. Time is divided between reviewing business needs, process development, and template and report development. Deliverables may include a detailed report of the agreed upon/recommended processes, a template and report development plan, and custom built templates and reports.

These are only a few examples of how your consulting time may be used. Prior to arrival, your RMS consultant will work with you to develop a schedule and set achievable goals for your consulting visit. After your visit, we offer opportunities for follow-up to ensure that new processes, templates, and reports are meeting your needs. Our goal is to move you from “how it’s always been” to “how it should be”.

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