Privacy Policy

The privacy and security of your housing and conference information is important to Residential Management Systems Inc (RMS). This notice will inform you about our policies and procedures concerning the information that we download and use to provide support, testing and software upgrades. We appreciate the sensitivity of the information we are receiving and are committed to protecting it as we provide product support.

Access to Information:

We obtain non public private housing and conference information from your university when we are required to provide services (‘services’) to you including but not limited to:

  • Diagnose and support client database problems on your computers
  • Provide upgrade services which require RMS to retrieve client data and upgrade database information for a new software build
  • Test new interfaces or interface changes with client data
  • Fix client data problems which requires our office to bring back a client database.

We do not Sell Your Information to Others for Marketing Purposes

We respect the privacy and sensitivity of the housing and conference information, therefore, we do not sell, trade or otherwise disclose any information to any other party. We may, however, for limited periods of time provide access or copies of housing and conference information to our sub contractors, in order to assist us in providing products and services to you. These subcontractors are also required to keep the housing and conference information confidential and follow our strict procedural guidelines. A list of sub contractors is available on request.

Security of Housing Information

While your housing and conference information is under our control, access is limited to those employees and sub contractors who have legitimate business needs for such information. RMS maintains physical, procedural and electronic safeguards to protect the privacy and confidentiality of this information.

RMS Rights and Responsibilities

In providing services to you, RMS employees and subcontractors have the right and responsibility to examine client databases, client applications, access logs or audit trails in order to diagnose and resolve problems or provide upgrade services. Except for certain authorized employees and subcontractors, we prohibit our employees from viewing, duplicating or tampering with our customers' housing and conference information. Any violation of this policy will be dealt with immediately and appropriately.

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