RMS will work with you through each step of a clearly defined implementation plan, to ensure the successful delivery of your housing, conference, judicial or campusM™ mobile application project.

Based on over 15 years of practical experience, we have a clearly defined implementation schedule that covers all aspects of the implementation process; including timings, key milestones and resource planning to ensure a smooth transition from your current system to RMS.

The RMS team will assist you during the initial implementation and during the go live processes, guiding you through the defined process, which includes:

  • Fit Gap Analysis - including a full review of your current business processes to assist in data set-up
  • Registration on the RMS Webinar Training Courses website
  • Implementation Support
  • End User Training
  • Installation
  • System Administrator Training
  • Systems Integration and Interface Development
  • Go Live and Follow-up Training
  • Continual Support
  • Training

All new RMS implementations begin at "BaseCamp" a web-based front end where RMS specialists and new clients can together manage your RMS implementation.

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